R|H Home for minors

RH Minors

On November 6, 2019, RHGKC, in partnership with Missouri Baptist Children’s Home (MBCH), opened R|H Home for Minors.

This privately located home, just outside of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, will serve up to 7 minor girl (12-17 years of age) survivors of human sex trafficking at one-time.

Females make-up between 95-98% of the total human sex trafficking population with 50% of those being minors. With the average age of entry to sex trafficking in the U.S. being 12-13 years of age, RHGKC knew it needed to do something immediately for these minor survivors. With only 600 beds available nationwide to minor survivors of human sex trafficking, RHGKC remains committed to expanding its capacity to house and serve minor girls, and R|H Home for Minors is the first-step.

Once R|H Farms: A Restoration Community is fully developed, this R|H Home for Minors will serve as a facility toward the healing and restoration of minor girls that may have unique mental, emotional or physical considerations, more conducive to a smaller footprint environment.

Additionally, this R|H Home for Minors may serve as a transition step toward placement on R|H Farms.