Restoration House of Greater Kansas City offers long-term, residential housing with the nation’s most comprehensive programs and services for adult women and minor girl survivors of human trafficking.

Our Mission

R|H provides housing, food, healthcare, therapy, education and job skill training without charge, to adult women and minor girl survivors of human trafficking.


R|H endeavors to heal adult women and minor girl survivors of human trafficking, and in the process restore their

  1. FAITH in mankind,
  2. Their HOPE for a better tomorrow, and
  3. their trust that LOVE is unconditional and not transactional.

But the greatest of these is LOVE.


R|H endeavors that every adult woman and minor girl survivor who graduates from our programs and services will:

  • Know what constitutes healthy relationships with others, and how to form, sustain and grow these healthy relationships with equal dignity, mutual respect and unconditional love.
  • Have developed the life and work skills to be a self-sustaining person, free from the need to seek others to meet those basic needs of humanity and prosperity.
  • Be a significant contributor to society, using the beautiful and unique value of themselves to touch this world, and others, in meaningful ways.
  • Live a life free from alcohol dependence, drug addiction and exposure to pornography and other media that promote hyper sexuality.
  • Engage with R|H for the remainder of their lives, knowing that R|H offers lifelong access to counseling, education opportunities, and emergency financial assistance through an on-going mentorship program.

Value Statement

The roots of prostitution and trafficking are often found in severe abuse, loss and/or neglect. It is these traumatic experiences that pushed the victims towards homelessness, addiction, prostitution, trafficking, and incarceration. They are survivors, and we offer unconditional love and support without judgment.

R|H offers a peaceful place to live and receive support while they focus on living sober, honest and self-sufficient lives. All services are provided free of charge. We believe it’s important to connect survivors with the specific services that will help them heal. This includes alcohol and drug treatment programs, mental health services and physical health care, as well as prescriptions, dental care, and vision care…all in one place.

Many survivors haven’t earned their high school diplomas or held consistent employment. We don’t want anything to hold them back, so we provide the support they need to complete their education and acquire marketable job skills.

Finally, after a survivor graduates from our long-term residential programs and services, they become part of our graduate network. This network provides them life-long access to counseling, education opportunities, and emergency financial assistance through an on-going mentorship program.

Additionally, we saw that survivors were making great strides in their recovery but still had trouble getting a job due to arrest records or gaps in their resume because they were living on the streets. So we offer opportunities where they can learn job skills and gain real work experience. They can earn a living wage and have a path toward financial independence.


Together, we’re committed to restoring hope.

Geoffrey Arbuckle

Summer Arlint
Executive Admin

Mike Yoder
Property Manager

Wanda White
MA, CISM, New Life Coach

China Arbuckle
Executive Director of Community Engagement

Roxie Loyd
CADC, Executive Director of Programs & Services

Donna Davis
Manager of Programs & Services